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Welcome to the world of Pioneer Catering, where every dish tells a story of flavor, passion, and dedication. As a premier local catering service, we specialize in personalized food catering, ensuring that each event we cater to is as unique as our clients. Our journey in the catering industry began in Spring 2019 and has been marked by a commitment to excellence, particularly highlighted in our busy and successful year of 2023.

Experience the Pioneer Difference in Event Food Catering

At Pioneer Catering, we understand that the essence of a great event lies in its culinary delights. That’s why we offer a wide range of options in our buffet menu, catering to groups from 50 to 300 guests. Our personalized food catering approach means we tailor our menu to suit your event’s specific needs, ensuring a perfect match with the aesthetic and vibe of your occasion.

From Our Kitchen to Your Event

Our menu is a testament to our versatility and commitment to quality:

  • Savor the Richness: Our ‘From the Hoof’ section boasts slow-cooked prime rib, a variety of steaks, tender ribs, and an array of pork sandwiches, including BBQ, teriyaki, and tequila pulled pork.
  • Poultry Perfection: From barbecued chicken to Marsala chicken, our ‘From the Farm’s Chicken Coop’ offers poultry dishes that are sure to delight your guests.
  • Unique Offerings: Our ‘Just Because We Can’ section features Pioneer barbecued chili, a crowd-pleaser served with homemade cornbread.
  • Sides and More: Complement your meal with our range of sides like North Idaho country spuds, cowboy beans, and fresh vegetables.
  • Refreshing Salads and Starters: Choose from our fresh Caesar salad, arugula pasta salad, and an assortment of grub starters like prawns on ice.
  • Delectable Desserts: End on a sweet note with our variety of desserts, including biscuit strawberry shortcake and caramel apple crisp.

Tailored to Your Taste

As a local catering service, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized food catering. Whether it’s adapting our menu to fit dietary preferences or ensuring our setup aligns with your event’s theme, our team is dedicated to making your event a culinary success.

Book Your Event with Pioneer Catering

Ready to elevate your next event with exceptional event food catering? Contact us to discuss your catering needs. We offer competitive pricing, starting at about $30 per person, and provide discounts for Peace Officers and Military families.

📞 Call Sheri at (208) 818-3561 or email for available dates, menu suggestions, and market prices.

Join the many satisfied clients who have experienced the Pioneer Catering difference. Let us bring our passion for food and personalized service to your table, making your event unforgettable!

Stay connected for more updates and insights from Pioneer Catering, where every event is a new adventure in taste and service! 🍽️✨